Tablo Home Dialysis Console

All home hemodialysis treatments are administered via the Tablo home dialysis console, which provides an easy, fast, and reliable way to perform hemodialysis treatments.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to restore control, choice, convenience, and confidence to our patients through home dialysis therapies.

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Vascular Access Services

Our vascular access services include WavelinQ EndoAVF, a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that provides faster maturation times and reduced infection rates.

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Why Choose USA Home Dialysis?

At USA Home Dialysis, we believe that home hemodialysis provides a better quality of life for patients with kidney disease. With our home dialysis services, you can expect:

  • More freedom and control to dialyze when you want
  • The ability to add, pause, delay, and resume treatments at your convenience
  • Longer, slower treatments have shown to improve kidney function and life expectancy
  • Reduced risk of infection when dialyzing at home
  • Enhanced privacy when dialyzing in your own home
  • The innovative Tablo home dialysis console provides easy setup and 24/7 support

Our clinical specialists are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for our patients, including education and cannulation consultation. You can trust us to provide the best possible care and support throughout your dialysis journey.

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Home Dialysis Services to Increase Health and Convenience

Home Hemodialysis vs. In-Center Dialysis

Home hemodialysis offers many advantages compared to in-center dialysis. With our home dialysis services, you can enjoy greater flexibility and control, reduced risk of infection, and the ability to perform treatments at your convenience.

Home Hemodialysis

  • Dialyze when you want, on your own schedule
  • Avoid transportation to a dialysis center
  • Reduced risk of infection by dialyzing at home
  • Enhanced privacy when dialyzing in your own home

In-Center Dialysis

  • Fixed schedule, often 3 times per week
  • Travel to a dialysis center 3 times per week
  • Increased risk of infection in a communal center
  • Limited privacy in a communal dialysis center
Home Dialysis Information for Physicians

For Physicians

At USA Home Dialysis, we understand that you want the best for your patients.

Our home dialysis therapies offer numerous benefits to your patients, including higher clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, enhanced ultrafiltration management, and more aligned lab results with targeted goals.

When your patients control their treatments and take ownership of their health, it can lead to better overall outcomes and greater peace of mind.

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Patient Resources

At USA Home Dialysis, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to our patients throughout their dialysis journey. We offer a range of patient resources, including educational materials, support groups, and financial assistance.

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We understand that living with kidney disease can be challenging, and we're here to help you every step of the way.

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